Quicker repair time

Eliminate replacement bumpers

Reduce impact on the environment

Cost effective

Lifetime warranty 

We specialize in repairing bumpers.  Bumpers can take a beating, but over the years we have developed the skills and abilities to repair damaged bumpers in all forms.  From scuffs to dents to holes and tears, we can fix them all.  The methods we use and the skills we have worked hard to develop are essential in helping to reduce wait times,  cost, and impact on the environment. Our Polyvance nitrogen plastic welder allows us to fix holes, tears, cracks and other damage that may occur to a plastic bumper cover.  This saves you time, money, and means less waste. We can then refinish the bumper using our state of the art paint equipment and BASF paint that we mix to your factory paint code to ensure that you have a top quality repair.